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    Women's Independence and 1920s' America

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    In seven pages this paper discusses how the 1920s paved the way for greater social independence of women in America. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    in physical appearance, women were metamorphosing right before societys bewildered eyes due to the onset of the Progressive Era, "an era of business expansion and progressive reform in the United  States" (Progressive Era To New Era). Flappers were the most obvious conduit between the old and the new gender personification, lending their dramatic makeup, revealing costumes and independent attitudes  to all women across the nation. II. TRADITIONAL WOMEN Traditional women were under patriarchal control from the moment they awoke until the moment they retired; indeed, there was little  in a traditional womans life that was not in one way or another devoted to her husband, father or society in general. It was absurd to think that traditional  women had any kind of life of their own, relegated to minding the household chores, raising the children and looking after a husband who never recognized her as an individual  apart from their marriage. III. MORALS Prohibition was instrumental in creating a significant amount of social change during and after its existence;  depending upon ones opinion, those changes have been construed as both good and bad. Initially, with the act of drinking being illegal, it forced people into the underground and  made them imbibe with fear always looming over their heads. After Prohibition was repealed, there came from its absence a renewed strength and vigor that engulfed those who opposed  it law in the first place. Because it was commonly assumed that women backed such prohibitive legislation, it came as a considerable surprise that women did not readily support  Prohibition. This historical event of the 1920s marked a period when society saw a significant and everlasting change in womanhood. It can be argued that women had a 

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