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    Word Choices 'We' and 'Good' and Verbal Reinforcement

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    In five pages this paper discusses how verbal outcomes can be predicted regarding word choices between 'we' and 'good' in this analysis of verbal reinforcement. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    Verbal Reinforcement "Good" and "We" By: C.B. Rodgers - November 2001 -- for more information on using  this paper properly! Introduction The first thing the student writing about verbal reinforcement and choice people make between using "good" and "we" is to consider the context in which  a particular verbal interaction occurs. Rather obviously, there will be significant differences between usage in an elementary classroom compared with social interaction between adult co-workers. In both circumstances, certain behaviors  will be encouraged and reinforced but with different outcomes and varying degrees of interpersonal agreement. For example, how well one speaker models what is presented verbally or how well the  receiver identifies with the speakers message both make a difference in how the reinforcement is understood. Furthermore, verbal reinforcement reflects the internalization of one persons values of external agents over  those of another person. As the student works on this project, he or she should examine the importance or meaningfulness of "good" and determine in what ways it is dependent  on what a person perceives as good. Similarly, "we" can be either negative or positive depending on whether or not the speaker or the receiver wants or needs to be  part of "we." Differing Circumstances Fouts and Burggraf (1999) have found that the combination of observing modeling and verbal reinforcement are two of the most powerful behavioral change influences in  terms of what teenage girls believe about themselves in term of their weight and body shape. Similarly, verbal reinforcement is a primary motivator in terms of a sports team or  individual event and the interaction between players and their coach. According to Combs (1993), coaches should always dwell on the positive and the active, noticing and encouraging effective play as 

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