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    Working Relationship Between Arts and Business

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    In ten pages the ways in which business and the arts are the focus of this discussion. Fifteen sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    it comes to the financial backing of business applied toward the cultural offerings specific to artistic venture. In recent times, the desired coupling of these two otherwise unique entities  has become even more of a focal point, inasmuch as the terrorist attacks of September 11th placed a significant monetary burden upon the entire arts industry. New York was  brought to a virtual standstill as people refused to venture out into the district and enjoy an evening at the theatre, which ultimately cost millions of dollars in lost revenue,  jobs and future productions. "Our vision is to help build communities be developing creative partnerships between business and the arts" (Arts & Business). II. REALIZING THE IMPORTANCE OF  BUSINESS AND THE ARTS Why is it so important for the arts to progress as strong as possible into the twenty-first century? Clearly, whether one is an artist or  appreciative spectator, the arts provide a much-needed creative boost to society, as well as help to balance out daily pressures and stressors by embracing aesthetic beauty. "The important part  the creative industries play in offering real job opportunities are very well known to us...as is their importance in maintaining stability in community life..." (Tait PG). It is important  for the student to emphasis the individuality of artistic endeavor with regard to arguing the significance of blending business and the arts; because any given mode of creativity reflects the  utmost in distinctiveness, one must readily acknowledge how differently people appreciate the benefits of the arts. "The business world is becoming more aware of the importance of taking a  prominent role in the communities in which it operates. The effects of this corporate drive towards social responsibility are spilling over into the arts" (Murray PG). 

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