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Papers On Business Management &
Management Theory (Page 16)
Competition Factors and Risk Management : A 14 page
research paper evaluating two common, but fairly new,
business risk factors: sustained slow economic growth and
increased (intensive) competition. These two factors affect
nearly every industry in the industrialized nations today, but
the focus in this paper is only on their effects on the overall
retail industry in the United States. Economic growth is only
briefly discussed, and only in its relationship to increased
competition. The paper tells the tale of two companies, Toys
R Us and Specs Music Corporation, and the consequences
they face today for not having performed their risk
management duties well in the past, and for not evaluating
the impact of changing external factors on their company’s
performance. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Riskmgt.wps

Risk Management / Comparing Private & Public Sector :
A 20 page paper that provides an overview of risk
management in both public and private sector operations as it
relates to budgeting and fiscal aspects. Bibliography lists 24
sources. Riskprof.wps

Disaster Recovery & Security Risk Management : A 5 page
paper discussing risk management as a necessary business
activity in today’s integrated business environment. Disaster
recovery is an integral part of managing the risks businesses
face. All management plans must define what losses the
business could sustain and still remain operational, and all
irreplaceable records must be protected from total loss. With
today’s inexpensive electronic storage capabilities, there is
little excuse for any organization losing information vital to
its continued operation, but businesses must determine what
information falls into that category. Bibliography lists 6
sources. Disrec.wps

Records Management in the Information Age : a 5 page
research paper that examines how technological innovation is
impacting the field of records management. The writer
argues that while many in the profession view this trend with
a somewhat ambivalent attitude, the tide of change that is
sweeping over records management affords those in the
profession with an excellent opportunity to increase the
status and standing of records management through the use
of their expertise. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Recman.wps

Leadership v. Management / A Corporate Perspective :
A 20 page paper that compares leaders with managers as well
as leadership and management techniques. This paper
considers the significance of leadership as a primary tool in
developing employees and creating better work place
environments. Bibliography lists16 sources. Leadmgt.wps

Effective Leadership : An 8 page paper on value-based and
contingency approaches to leadership. The writer discusses
the relationship of power and followership within the
organizational stucture, and cites how this works in an
organization. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Leadersh.wps

Effective Leadership / Management in Business : A 14 page
paper examining what makes an effective leader/manager in
business. The writer discusses models of managerial
leadership, what constitutes management and leadership,
what differentiates the two, desirable personal qualities of
business leaders, challenges for managers and leaders in the
future and useful coping strategies. The writer posits, in the
conclusion, that leadership is distinct from management and
that leadership is more desirable for success in business.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Leader2.wps

What Creates The Successful Leader? : An 8 page paper
presenting one example each of both the successful and the
unsuccessful leader, with the question of whether each would
be equally successful or unsuccessful under any
circumstances and in any given time in history. The example
of the successful is Herb Kelleher, CEO of Southwest
Airlines. The unsuccessful channel is filled by William
Casey, former director of the CIA Bibliography lists 6
sources. Suleader.wps

The Privilege of Leadership : A 1 page essay examining
aspects of "earning" leadership. The writer explores and
gives examples of what definitively constitutes a good
leader. Leaders.wps TOTAL PRICE FOR THIS ESSAY
ONLY $9.95!

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