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Papers on Greek and Roman Mythology
(Page 4)
Abuse of Women in Greek Mythology : A 6 page paper that
looks at the issue of abuse as it is presented in Greek
mythology, and focuses on the issues related to the abuse of
women in a number of myths. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Women in Mythology : A 14 page paper that presents the
complex roles of women in mythology and the three major
categories in which most mythological women can be placed.
This paper also demonstrates the way in which culture
determines the roles of women, and utilizes a variety of
mythologies, from the myths of medieval England to those of
ancient Greece, to demonstrate the depiction of these roles.
Bibliography lists 10 sources. Womenmyt.wps

Nikos Kazantzakis' The Last Temptation of Christ :
Nikos Kazantzakis is probably best known in America for the book,
Zorba the Greek which was made into a legendary movie.
What is not widely known is that he was one of the greatest
writers on religious thought of the twentieth century. His
viewpoints were unconventional to the point that he was
censored, ridiculed and ex-communicated. To understand
Kazantzakis one must understand his view of Christ as human
first and divine second. This may best be represented in the
book, The Last Temptation of Christ and the subsequent movie
made from the novel. This 10 page paper examines the man,
his thoughts on religion, the book and the movie, The Last
temptation of Christ. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Nikos Kazantzakis' "Report To Greco": Crete Culture :
7 pages in length. The cultural representation of Crete as
depicted in Nikos Kazantzakis' "Report To Greco" truly
embodies the spirit of endearment that the author felt toward his
homeland. Indeed, Kazantzakis' infatuation with the cultural
boundaries of Crete is clearly evident in the autobiography he
penned as a means by which to honor his native habitat. The
reputation that Crete enjoyed throughout the ages is one that the
author dwells upon in "Report To Greco," which, as the writer
discusses, eagerly tells of how exceptionally desirable the
cultural existence was as a way of life. No additional sources
cited. TLCGreco.wps

Four Views on Women in Greek Tragedy : A 5 page essay
on how the characters of Clytemnestra, Jocasta, Antigone and
Medea from ancient Greek plays demonstrate certain aspects of
how ancient Greeks viewed the role of women in society and
women in general. Bibliography lists 4 sources. 4Greekw.wps

Warriors v. Women in Greek Mythology : A 7 page essay
on the unequal and unjust roles assigned to women in Greek
society as expressed in mythology. The writer focuses on plays
by Aeschylus, Euripides and Homer, and on the characters
Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, Odysseus, Calypso, and Helen.
The writer also expresses the overall purpose of the play in
terms of syncretic assimilation of Troy and also of the house of
Agamemnon. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cngrkmyt.wps

Incest of the Gods : A 7 page essay on the incestuous
relationships reported in Greek mythology and Greek plays.
The writer lists a number of incestuous relationships between
Zeus, his brothers and sisters and progeny, and also gives
examples from and commentary on plays such as Oedipus Rex,
Medea and Agamemnon in support of the thesis. Bibliography
lists 8 sources. Cnmytinc.wps

Zeus and His Predecessors : a 5 page paper looking at the
reason Zeus retained his position as this “Supreme Deity” of the
Greek Pantheon after his father, grandfather, and
great-grandfather lost theirs to their sons. The paper suggests
that Greek society was changing and civilizing over time, and
Zeus, more than his father or grandfather, represents the
flexibility and ingenuity of the Greek spirit. Bibliography lists
one source. KBzeus.wps

Human Sacrifice in Greek and Roman Mythology :
A 12 page analytical paper exploring the theme of human sacrifice in
mythology. Using the stories of Selene and Endymion,
Aphrodite and Adonis, and Cybele and Attis, along with two
stories about Demeter, the writer supports the notion that human
sacrifice is used to demonstrate the power of the gods and
compassion. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Humansac.wps

The Stars' Names & Greek Mythological Origin : 25 pages
worth of extensively detailed discussion relevant to how the
stars and constellations derived their name from Greek
mythology/stories. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Greeksta.wps

Euripides’ “Medea” / Character Of Jason : A 5 page
summary of the character of Jason in Euripides’ novel,
“Medea.” In this ancient story we see a woman scorned by her
husband and seeking revenge. Jason has essentially abandoned
her and sought a new wife who will bring him social standing
and wealth. He is a weak power seeking individual who is not
altogether a very intelligent man. He gives Medea
simple-minded excuses for his behavior. In addition to being
power hungry and lacking intelligence he is shown to be a man
of little wisdom. No additional sources cited. Jasonmed.wps

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