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Papers On Technology and Society - Modern
Issues - (Page 7)

Telephone Technology : A 4 page overview of telephone
technology. Includes information regarding the physics of the
human voice and the differences in analog and digital
telephone processing systems and newer systems such as
Signal 7 in processing this voice. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Fiber Optics : A 4 page paper dealing with fiber optics.
Included is a description of fiber optic cables and their use in
medicine, telecommunication and other fields. Bibliography
lists 5 sources. Fireopti.wps

Fiber Optics / Use in Communications : A 6 page overview
of development in fiber optics technology and their
applications in communications. A 1 page Roman Numeral
outline is also attached. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Laser Beams & Laser Technology : An 11 page research
paper on lasers and laser technology. The writer defines ‘laser
beam’.. gives examples of lasers in medicine where some
remarkable procedures are occuring including : lasers and
cosmetic surgery; lasers and ophthamology; lasers and the
military; laser technology in the office; lasers for fun:
holography, entertainment, and more. Lasers have diverse uses
and have revolutionized differenct areas of life. Extensive
bibliography is included. Lasers.wps

Robotics Today : A 15 page research paper on the uses of
robotics in U.S. industry as well as a look at new developments
such as artificial intelligence research. Bibliography lists 9
sources. Robotics.wps

The Science Of Robotics : 4 pages in length. The science and
technology of robotics involves the construction of mechanical
devices that operate either automatically or via remote control.
In this research paper, the writer examines robotics functions,
industry, and more. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Robot.wps

Robotics : A 5 page paper which discusses the various aspects
of robotics today. Some of the issues addressed are frame
problem, evolutionary robotics, and robotics vision techniques.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. RArobot.wps

Robot or Human - the Best "Man" for the Welding Job :
This 11 page report discusses the advent of robotic applications
in the field of manufacturing with an emphasis on welding
possibilities. Costs, social impact, and economic impact are
discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Robothum.wps

Electronic Devices & New England Fishermen : A 6 page
research paper on the use of electronic devices by the New
England fishing Industry. The writer describes the types of
electronic devices, other technologies used, and the effect they
have had on the industry and the fish supply in New England.
Bibliography lists 3 sources. Fishinne.wps

Shipwrecks -- Hardly A Threat Anymore... : A 5 page paper
on the phenomenon of shipwrecks and how,-- through the use
of modern technologies, -- they are both less likely to occur
and more likely to be understood. Research is also examined
concerning some of the reasons that shipwrecks used to occur
so often and the precautions that are taken today. Specific
examples are provided to illustrate points made. Bibliography
lists 8 sources. FREE outline of essay also included.

Effects of Electronics on the Marine Gyro Compass :
A 6 page paper discussing the marine gyro compass that is very
close to 100 years old. Used literally for generations in large,
high-seas vessels that moved slowly and more evenly than
smaller, more maneuverable ships, the latest generations of the
marine gyro compass contains electronic components that now
are largely standard. These electronic components bring
increased stability and reliability to the class of equipment that
now is available even for the smallest of fishing boats as well
as still being applicable to high-seas ships. Electronic
innovations have increased the stability and reliability of the
compass class, and made possible autopilot options that are
more finely tuned now than at any other time. Bibliography
lists 8 sources. KSgyro.wps

The Sinking Of The Titanic / Controversy & Discovery :
An 8 page essay on the sinking of the Titanic. The writer
describes the events that occurred and how unexpected the
entire tragedy was. The ensuing controversy over responsibility
and specific events is analyzed through related articles. A
review of findings since the Titanic's discovery during the
1990's is included as well. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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