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Papers On Air and Aviation (Page 4)

Global Positioning System / The Role of GPS & Impact in
the Air Cargo Industry :
This 5 page paper provides an
overview of the initiation and application of Global Positioning
Systems and then relates the use to the specific issues related to
the air cargo industry. This paper also considers the increasing
technological changes and implications for air cargo
companies, like UPS. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

21st Century / Century Of Air Cargo : A 5 page paper that
looks at the industry's claim, and support for the claim that air
cargo is the industry of the 21st century. The paper also looks
at the current problems facing the industry and what
international leaders, public and private, are doing to resolve
those problems. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Aircargo.wps

Air Cargo / Comparison : An 8 page comparative analysis of
the air cargo systems, present and future, in the U.S., Canada,
Australia, Mexico and Hong Kong. The writer explores the
problems facing each country, plans to mitigate, and barriers to
mitigation. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Cargo.wps

Southwest Airlines / Selection Of Pilots : A 15 page paper
discussing the selection of pilots at Southwest Airlines.
Finding a job is never an easy task for a commercial pilot. Not
only does Southwest not make the process any easier, they also
have the added requirements of a sense of humor and the
proper attitude in order to be considered for selection for their
company. Southwest has the highest percentage of female
pilots of any airline in the country, but still have only a few in
comparison to the total number of pilots they employ. The
corporate culture of have fun and work hard applies to all areas
of the company, including the pilot faction, and those
prospective pilots unwilling to serve as substitute baggage
handler on occasion most likely will not even make the first
cut. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources.

Southwest Airlines -- Ingredients Of Success : A 12 page
case study of Southwest Airlines -- one of the top companies in
its industry. The writer analyzes SW's market niche, pricing
strategy, human resource maintenance, financial structure,
emphasis on low cost, and more. Equipment, technology, and
plans for the future are included as well. Several charts
provided in Appendix. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Southwest Airlines’ Marketing Strategy : A 10 page case
research paper with Southwest Airlines as its focus. Southwest
is one of America’s largest airlines in terms of passenger
boardings, and yet it serves airports in a relatively small
number of 24 states. Overall, the company’s marketing strategy
is to provide the best-possible no-frills service with the newest
equipment available, then tell the flying public about the
top-notch safety record…In a report filed with the SEC
mid-way through 1996, Southwest included a list of “what ifs”
of things that might happen, things that prevented them from
forecasting performance for the very next quarter. They just
keep flying—often, right past the competition. Bibliography
lists 8 sources. Southwst.wps

Valujet Airlines / An Analytical Case Study : This 8 page
paper examines the history, market niche, and organizational
structure of ValuJet Airlines-- a company best known for its
low cost airfare and frequent problems / crashes ! Issues
concerning service, management style, and fiscal outlook are
analyzed to provide an in-depth overview of the company's
strengths and weaknesses. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Southwest vs. ValuJet / Successful Airline vs. Unsuccessful
Airline :
In this 10 page report, the writer compares Southwest
with Value Jet Airlines. It is reasoned that the
reputation-wrecked ValuJet airlines has only trotted along a
bumpy road to industry success. Its future is much less certain
than the ever-growing Southwest Airlines. Marketability, cost
issues, human relations, and more-- are examined with respect
to each of these two companies to support such a thesis.
Bibliography lists 10 sources. Valusout.wps

British Airways’ Merger With USAir : A 6 page paper
discussing the benefits and detriments of British Airways’
merger with the US-based airline in 1992.. At a time when the
entire industry was losing unprecedented sums of money, BA
was able to remain profitable, though only barely so. USAir
was losing less than its US-based counterparts, and the two of
them together had a chance to pull themselves out of their
financial slump. Other US-based carriers and even the national
airlines of several European countries opposed the idea,
however, believing that increased competition would deepen
their already-serious deficits. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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