Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do you guys do for us? contains more than 150,000 reports written by our professionally trained writing group for students like you. For those rare circumstances when you can't find anything helpful in our database, we also offer Customized research papers as well. Our service is based on the concept of “learning by example” and provides research papers to students only as a form of secondary information, guidance, and academic assistance from afar.

How do I know if your research papers are really any good?

The average student, in the course of their academic career, will write approximately one or two dozen research papers. At most of our writers have individually prepared more than 2500 papers each! Want to see just how good our research papers are? Just send us a request via email for a FREE FULL PAGE EXCERPT from ANY of our 150,000+ research papers, essays or term papers before ordering and you’ll see why we are THE BEST!

What if I can't find anything on my topic?

If you can't find something on your topic, but you need help and are ready to order a research paper to help you write your own, simply click the ORDER PAPER button from the top of any screen. Then, follow the easy instructions for ORDERING A CUSTOMIZED RESEARCH PAPER on your specific topic to get professional help

How long before I get my pre-written model paper from your site?

All research papers and essays are delivered within just a few hours from an automation system! So it doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is or where you live. Our automated sending system handles the processing of your payment to the delivery of your paper. has live people working around the clock, processing a high volume of custom orders as well. There are no "days" of waiting... only a few short hours unless you place a rush on the order and then you receive it in 10-20 minutes.

How long before I get my Custom Research Paper or Essay?

The average NEW research paper is prepared and delivered in only 5 days or less. You get to tell us how quickly you need it. You can even get a brand new research paper or essay in as little as a few hours!! RUSH orders are no problem since we work around the clock!

What exactly do you mean by a "page"?

Since charges our customers on a per-page basis, the definition of a "page" must be fairly stated. Our standard page is based on Courier New 12 font, double-spaced, w/ 1" margins-225 words. This helps prevents our papers from being turned in “AS IS”. Remember ANY paper received from The paper Store, whether it is new or pre-written is only a guide to help your write your own paper and cannot be turned as your own.

Are there any refunds offered for either types of research papers or essays?

We encourage our customers to request free, full page excerpts from our papers before buying.. That way, you can be sure that you'll be getting something useful to you. Shop here as long as you like and ask questions prior to purchase...All sales are final for pre-written papers. However, we offer free revisions for Custom papers within the first four days from receive the document providing the writer missed something. However we pride ourselves on having the lowest revision rates in the academic community, because our researchers and writers are simply THAT GOOD!