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    A Proposal for a Shelter to House Pregnant Teens who are Abusing Drugs

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    This 9 page paper provides a proposal for a shelter to house pregnant teens. The shelter design, inclusive of salary ranges and staffing considerations, is included. Programs to be included such as twelve step programs and a GED alternative is also discussed. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    a schizophrenic society that on one hand says it is okay to have "safe" sex but not okay to have abortions, teenagers are certainly confused. While some teens will have  intercourse without protection, it is often those same girls who for religious reasons decide to have their babies. Prevention is difficult to implement and this is evidenced by todays high  teen pregnancy rate (Shapiro, 1993). Abortion is controversial and for young girls who become pregnant while using drugs, many decide to go through the pregnancy and hope for the best.  For girls who are pregnant and using drugs, there may be a negative background lurking. Is her environment presently safe? If it is, will her parents accept the fact  that she is pregnant and allow her to have the baby at home? Many questions crop up. Some teens may find themselves on the street and engaged in a lifestyle  of prostitution. They have not seen "home" in quite awhile. These adolescents need help, as does any teenager who is pregnant and using drugs. A shelter that houses young girls  who are pregnant and abusing substances can help to alleviate the situation and potentially correct or at least mitigate two social problems. In the end, with help from a facility,  it is hoped that such girls will be able to get on their own two feet and also be able to make a new life for themselves that is drug  free and productive. How prevalent is teen pregnancy? It has been reported that more than one million teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 become pregnant each year;  that statistic has remained relatively stable since 1973 (Henshaw, Kenney, Somberg, & Van Wort, 1989; Carrera & Dempsey, 1988 cited in Morgan, Chapar & Fisher, 1995). Research into the 

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