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    This 5-page paper provides an overview and SWOT analysis of Apple Inc. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    manager determines that conducting a SWOT analysis of Apple might help his/her own companys strategies. Strengths Innovation. Apple strives for  innovation, and is interested in more research and development. For example, the company has done extraordinarily well with its digital music players (Dorsch, 2010). Furthermore, it keeps boosting up its  OS X operating system to fit newer and better products (Dorsch, 2010). Customer loyalty. Users of Apple products are devoted. PC users  find little differential in product; a PC user is as happy with a Dell, a Hewlett-Packard or Viso laptop. But for the Mac user, there is no substitute. This has  kept a loyal base of customers returning again and again to Apple for upgrades and peripherals. Brand image. The Apple brand is  well-recognized among most consumers; the company has a high level of brand awareness and recognition for its products in all its markets (Apple Inc., 2009). According to Interbrand ratings, the  product ranked 24 in 2008 (Apple Inc., 2009). A good brand image means its that much easier for the company to introduce new/improved products to market.  Aesthetics. Steve Jobs likes things to look good. Because of this, he seems to eschew the "form follows function" school of technology hardware, instead focusing on  a unique look (Dorsch, 2010). Jobs wants to offer attractive, user-friendly designs (Dorsch, 2010). This is what keeps loyal users coming back.  Positive financial performance. The company continues growing; according to Datamonitor, the companys total revenue increased from $6.2 million in 2003 to $32.4 million in 2008, which represents a compound annual 

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