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    Application Of Strategic Planning Theory - Nike SWOT Analysis

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    A 14 page paper that begins with an introduction to the Design School Theory for strategic planning. The SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) is then explained and discussed. The next part of the paper is a SWOT analysis of Nike Corporation. The paper concludes with comments and other ideas regarding the analysis phase of strategic planning. Bibliography lists 18 sources.

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    student do his or her own research and write his or her own paper. We do not write the final paper for the student nor do we intend to provide  all the sources the student would use in their own paper. is to be cited as a reference source when using the information contained in the model  paper that we provide you. If the student uses sources provided by TPS, he or she must paraphrase and cite those sources himself and TPS must also be cited as  a source separately. It is the students responsibility to fulfill all requirements for the assignment. TPS is just one of the sources the student should have used in the last  paper on strategic planning theory. That means the student should have added to the sources from their own research and study. ] Background Mintzberg and Lampel discussed the ten  schools or theories of strategy making (1999). The theory to be used in this essay is: * Design School Theory: A Process of Conception. The Design School theory is identified  as the original theory related to strategic planning (Mintzberg and Lampel, 1999). This theory promotes the view that strategy formation is successful if it achieves the proper fit between the  companys internal strengths and weaknesses and the external opportunities and threats (Mintzberg and Lampel, 1999). Design school theory is based upon the work Selznick, Chandler and Andrews separately and in  sequence to each other (Mintzberg and Lampel, 1999). The SWOT process is used to perform this kind of analysis. In this school, senior managers formulate strategies that are simple enough  for everyone to implement (Mintzberg and Lampel, 1999). These strategies do not emerge through intuitive thinking or from analytical thinking separately (Mintzberg and Lampel, 1999). In short, design school theorists 

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