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    This 12 page paper is a set of examples of how to use excel to solve a set of questions set by the student. Date provided concerns wages of baseball players for a range of teams, each question looks at a different aspect of analysing the data, exploring ranges, means, medians and mode, probability and standard deviation. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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    so that individual teams may be analysed as well being used as a sample that is likely to be representative of the baseball leaguer as a whole. There is  also other data that may be used in the article, this also tells us what baseball teams exist and are then used as well as the names of the players  and the number of players in each team. The data here is not numerical, but none the less is data and it would depend in the research that was being  conducted whether the data is of any use (Nellis and Parker, 2000, Curwin and Slater, 2000). Question 2 The range of data in each case is the range of  the data inside the upper and lower limits, so that for each team the range will be different. Therefore we need to take the highest wage and the lowest wage,  deduce the lowest wage from the highest wage which will give us the range. Anaheim Anaheim Max $11,500,000 Min $300,000 Range $11,200,000 Los Angeles  Los Angeles Max $15,714,286 Min $300,000 Range $15,414,286 Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Max $6,500,000 Min $300,000 Range $6,200,000 San  Francisco San Fransico Max $15,000,000 Min $300,000 Range $14,700,000 NY Mets NY Mets Max $17,166,667 Min $302,500 Range $16,864,167 NY  Yankess NY Yankees Max $15,600,000 Min $364,100 Range $15,235,900 Oakland Oakland Max $11,666,667 Min $300,000 Range $11,366,667 San Diego San  Diego Max $9,600,000 Min $300,000 Range $9,300,000 Huston Houston Max $13,000,000 Min $300,000 Range $12,700,000 Question 3 In any given 

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