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    Business Proposal: Women's Professional Football Team

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    A 5 page paper that presents selected components of a business proposal for establishing a new professional women's football team in Detroit. The sections include: a description of the business; the objective; industry analysis, including brief overview of history of this sport; potential for success; discussion about budgetary issues; and marketing plan. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    city of Detroit, Michigan. Industry Analysis: The history of womens professional tackle football that plays under the NFL rules is short, approximately four years old (Womens Professional Football  League, 2001). Then, it wasnt until 1999, that the Womens Professional Football League launched its "No Limits Barnstorming Tour" wherein the group gathered top women athletes from across  the nation, brought them into Minneapolis and created two football teams, the Minnesota Vixens and the Lake Michigan Minx (Womens Professional Football League, 2001). The women were trained under the  guidance of John "JT" Turner, who had played for the Minnesota Vikings (Womens Professional Football League, 2001). The tour had the women playing games in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Green Bay,  Chicago, New York, and Miami on a shoe-string budget (Womens Professional Football League, 2001). The final game in Miami was an all-star game wherein the players were selected from  the total group in addition to three other players who were from Hawaii (Womens Professional Football League, 2001). Following the road tour, the League was invited to play an exhibition  game before the Superbowl that year (Womens Professional Football League, 2001). There were fourteen teams in the Womens Professional Football League for the 2001 season (Bickelhaupt, 2000). It is difficult  to keep up with the number of teams because more seem to be added each month. There are no professional womens football teams in Detroit but the exhibition  games played in the general region in 1999 illustrated there is a market for this venture. There are presently two leagues of womens professional football: The  Womens Professional Football League and the Independent Womens Football League (The Detroit News, 2001). Potential for Success: The demand for womens football has been demonstrated beginning with the 

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