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    Cities, Towns, and Emergency Services

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    In five pages the dispatching of emergency services are examined with fire, police, and first aid departmental responsibilities considered. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    in different areas. Responsibilities of the police, fire, and first aid departments are discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. SA143eme.rtf All  over the country, volunteer fire departments and emergency ambulance services meet in social groups to produce small but dedicated organizations which fight fire and provide first aid to their communities.  Auxiliary Police are also another non-professional group that is dedicated to helping the public. These organizations cost the taxpayers absolutely nothing and adds to the sense of community. While some  large cities do not utilize volunteer services, in some parts of the country it is commonplace. For example, volunteers dominate fire services in Texas where approximately 30,000 of the  states 42,000 firefighters receive no pay (Thomas, 1997). Bruegmans (1997) idea that fire houses will expand seem to miss the point as there has been a return to a community  lifestyle and that is not equated with larger fire departments. The personal touch is certainly sanitized in a larger organization and there is less of a community feel. There  may even be unintentional casualties as the employees who are emotionally removed from the situation may not save the life of a victim whereas a community member who is  friends with him, will make that extra effort. Bruegman (1997) contends that while people are now focusing more and more on community, the future is in the larger, more neutral  structure as opposed to the quaint fire and ambulance houses of the past. While of course many modernizations are warranted, there may indeed be a compromise which can enhance technical  development while maintaining a community atmosphere. While there exists volunteer departments in terms of fire, police and first aid, agencies involved in law enforcement, fire protection and medical care, by 

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