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    Domestic Violence: A Research Proposal for Conducting a Community Needs Assessment

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    A 9 page overview of the issues surrounding domestic violence. Provides a statistical overview of the phenomenon of domestic violence suggesting that many times these issues confront health care personnel who are either ignorant of the importance of intervention or reluctant to become involved. Proposes that a community needs assessment of community outreach education efforts targeting domestic violence be conducted. Designs a study incorporating qualitative input from independent focus groups and representatives from various governmental and private agencies regarding the effectiveness of existing outreach programs and specific community needs in regard to domestic violence. Anticipates that coupling this qualitative input with quantitative information retrieved from the U.S. Census Bureau will aid the design of stand-alone, financially independent, outreach education programs within a three year time frame. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    just what activity constitutes domestic violence and the second is convincing either the person being abused or those with whom she comes into contact to report the abuse. Failure  to report and to otherwise address domestic abuse is particularly condemnable in the professional environment. Far too often it is the professional with whom a woman comes into contact  who has the most probable chance of intervening in that situation. Far too often, either out of ignorance or a reluctance to become involved professionals fail to provide any  sort of intervention in domestic abuse. Failure to provide much needed intervention is true within both the social work and the  medical professions. Sometimes this failure only translates into continued abuse but sometimes it can translate into the death of a woman who could have been removed from the abusive  situation if only someone had intervened. It is only with education that this situation can be changed. The purpose of this paper will be to assess the degree  of domestic violence which is currently occurring in a specific catchment area in New York State. This study will be conducted with hopes of providing an exhaustive needs assessment  of community outreach education efforts which could be employed to target domestic violence issues. The most appropriate mechanism for these community outreach efforts will be identified as hospital-sponsored programs  which are specifically designed to inform the general public and health care professionals on the specifics of domestic violence. Developing effective hospital-sponsored community  outreach education programs in upper New York States requires attention not only to the new plan which is being devised but also to assessing the effectiveness of existing plans. 

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