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    E-Commerce; A Dissertation Proposal

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    This 5 page paper is the outline for a dissertation looking at the implementation of e-commerce by a large company. The outline includes security issues, advantages and disadvantages, the trade offs that may need to be undertaken to gain the most value, legal issues and how e-commerce should be approached and used strategically. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

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    second largest financial services provider, knowing that in 2000 there were 300 million people in the world accessing the internet, and there was a total of 407.1 million that had  access to it (Hobley, 2001). Importantly Citigroup Inc., 41% of these were in the North America area and 27.8% were in Europe (Hobley, 2001). The growth figure is very high  when the access figures are compared to 1999, this was 201.5 million people and as such this is a growth area (Hobley, 2001). With this level of potential audience the  organisation may see many potential benefits from embracing this newer method of distribution and communication with current and potential customers. The situation may berg many benefits, such as the  reduction of barriers to trading, but there are also many potential problems. The subject of this paper is to identify these problems,  examine why and how they occur in order to either prevent the problems arises or reduce their impact. This may be by controlling the factors that create the hazards and  reduce or eliminate them, or develop a system that will identify the occurrence of a problem and then resolve it with little or no inconvenience to the company and the  customers and how to gain most value from this type of project. 2. Methodology The project is limited by time and space. Therefore, the dominate methodology will be the  use of secondary data that has been published within the last three years. This will be gained form journals and professional magazines as well as relevant books. The internet may  also provide a useful source of secondary data through academic repositories. Where information is gained from the internet there are few controls, therefore clarification and confirmation will also be sought 

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