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    How Fashion Merchandising Can Be Socially Conscious

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    This 5 page paper provides a detailed proposal on what a fashion merchandiser might do to promote an environmentally conscious product line. Tee shirts and bracelets are part of the proposal. Much of the paper examines the use of fabric. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    problems they experience. Global warming figures into this proposal because the phenomenon creates conditions favorable for hurricanes. This is something that Latin America has endured. Yet, while not everyone concurs,  Garreau, Paglia, Wright, Kipnis et al. contend that global warming is a fact, but cannot be resolved by throwing money at the problem (32). It does seem to be a  very expensive thing to tackle and thus far, there do not seem to be any viable solutions. Still, responsible living can contribute to the health of the planet and its  inhabitants. This means that a fashion merchandiser, through the creation of environmentally conscious designs, can contribute to the resolution of the problem. In effect, if global warming is softened,  or attention is gained, at least something is being done. Laurie David is cognizant of fashion trends but is first and foremost an activist (Nelson 26). Her "Stop Global  Warming" bracelet is her most important accessory (Nelson 26). The trend to wear jewelry to reflect a variety of causes is quite prevalent today, and the best known pieces are  the pink ribbons and ribbon pins associated with breast cancer. For global warming, these "cause bracelets" are worn and are considered chic in a socially conscientious world. Not only is  it a fashion trend but the people of Latin America could be helped as a result. A fashion merchandiser might want to pay attention to the global warming trend through  the creation of fashion that is conducive to conserving energy. Light clothing can go a long way to help in an economically strained locale. Such material is lighter and often  cheaper to use, and there is a reduced amount of fabric used. Of course, in high fashion, bathing suits which require the least amount of fabric of anything usually comes 

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