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    Improved Nursing Job Satisfaction/Article Critique

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    A 7 page research paper that critiques a quantitative nursing research study article, specifically Allen and Vitale-Nolan (2005), that has significant import for the crisis of the nursing shortage. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    has been shown by nursing research to play an integral role in both nursing staff recruitment and retention. The current nursing shortage began in the 1990s and, since that time,  every industrialized country in the Western world has begun to experience nursing shortages, as various demographic factors, retiring nurses, aging populations, increased acuity levels, collide (Chandra, and Willis, 2005). While  shortages in the number of registered nurses (RNs) retained on staff is a problem and concern prevalent through healthcare, hospitals that have achieved Magnet status experience "higher nurse retention and  recruitment rates" (Allen and Vitale-Nolan, 2005, p. 277). Magnet hospitals have been identified as places in which "people like to work and where people are more satisfied with their work"  (Allen and Vitale-Nolan, 2005, p. 277). The nursing department of the New Hampshire Hospital, a "publicly funded, university affiliated, 200-bed acute psychiatric facility, aspires to be the first public  psychiatric hospital to attain Magnet status. There the problem addressed in this nursing research study is how to facilitate gaining this objective. As part of the hospitals Nurse Practice Enhancement  Project, high nursing job satisfaction was identified as a primary goal and the following study was undertaken in order to answer the following research question: "What is the relationship between  nurse job satisfaction and the development and implementation of a patient care delivery model at New Hampshire Hospital?" (Allen and Vitale-Nolan, 2005, p. 279). Literature review The articles  review of literature is incorporated into the introduction and also into the context of the extensive discussion of the hospitals Nurse Practice Enhancement Project. This discussion offers background information that  serves to inform readers further about the context of the study and how it will impact the goals of the Project. More than half the sources discussed are timely, as 

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