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    Law Enforcement, Probation And Parole

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    5 pages in length. The writer briefly discusses the controversy of law enforcement responsibilities for probation officers, control model agency and social service model, probation and parole officers making arrests, pros/cons of volunteers in probation and parole, and parole/probation officer powers of search and seizure. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    do the job for which they are trained as well as expect a great deal more from them than they should be expected to do. Imposing law enforcement responsibilities  upon probation officers is heading in a completely illogical direction if the intent is to improve upon the systems operational proficiency. The direction to be taken is one toward  an angle of social work whereby probation officers are better equipped to guide offenders down the restorative road rather than the punitive path; what has occurred, in fact, is just  the opposite as law enforcement officers have become unwitting recipients of a task that more closely resembles social working than what they are trained to do. At one time  police officers were well-respected, well-trained components of society whose only objective was to uphold the law. Modern day law enforcement, however, faces an entirely different approach to the very  same job, given the fact that they are openly ostracized, disrespected and held accountable by the very people they risk their lives to protect. If they are not stepping  between the pettiness of feuding neighbors or breaking up the illicit activity of twelve-year-old latchkey kids, then they are playing the role of welfare sympathizers in an already-overwrought social work  system. II. CONTROL MODEL AGENCY & SOCIAL SERVICE MODEL AGENCY The crime control model looks beyond individual rights toward the greater good,  focusing instead upon protecting the masses as a much more important objective than watching out for an alleged criminals civil liberties. As mans understanding of himself evolved, so too  did his perception of criminology. Classical theory, based upon the concept of free will, handed all responsibility of criminal behavior over to the lawbreaker, completely void of any social, 

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