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    This sample marketing plan involves promotion of a wellness and fitness spa in the Redwood Coast region of northern California. Topics discussed include a SWOT analysis, marketing mix, budgets and measuring outcomes. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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    MARKETING PLAN: WELLNESS AND FITNESS SPA 0 Please   Introduction The purpose of this paper is to develop a marketing plan for a Wellness and Fitness Spa to be located in  Gualala, Calif., which is the northern part of the states. In this paper, well examine what, exactly, needs to be considered as viable parts of a marketing plan. Much of  the data used throughout this paper is courtesy of the Redwood Coast Chamber of Commerce. One aspect that was hard to come by, however, was actual population and demographic breakdowns,  which are essential for such a proposal. For purposes of this paper, however, well assume that the demographics are available to support such a center, and that the people wishing  to open their business in Gualala have done their homework and know that there are enough young professionals willing to take advantage of the facility. Executive Summary  The owners of the Wellness and Fitness Spa have decided to base their center in Gualala, California, a location in the heart of Redwood Forest  Country. Attracted by the locations pristine beauty, as well as specific demographics and a certain lack of competition, the owners believe that their business can flourish in such a climate.  This plan will examine how, exactly, the owners need to market and publicize this business, taking into account a situational analysis (including target markets, location description and a SWOT analysis);  goals of the marketing program; an action plan that features a marketing mix and appropriate activities; a discussion about budgets; an evaluation of the processes and how to measure the 

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