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    Marketing Plan for a Car Wash

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    This 17 page paper is a comprehensive marketing plan for opening a new car wash in California. The paper presents a situational analysis, looking at the market including the demographics, the market needs and tends and the forecast for the market. A SWOT analysis is conducted and then consideration is given to the competition, the service offering, the keys to success and the critical factors. The marketing strategy is outlined, including the mission, the objective, the target market and the marketing mix. The paper ends with financial projections for the first three years and the outlines if the controls that should be in place. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

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    2.4 Service Offering 9 2.5 Keys to Success 10 2.6 Critical Issues 11 3. Marketing Strategy 11 3.1 Mission 12 3.2 Marketing Objectives 12 3.3 Financial Objectives 12 3.4 Target Marketing 13 3.5 Positioning 13 3.6 Strategy Pyramids 13 3.7 Marketing Mix 14 3.8 Marketing Research 15 4. Financials, Budgets, and Forecasts 15 4.1 Break-even Analysis 15 4.2 Sales  and Expense Forecast 16 5. Controls 17 5.1 Implementation Milestones 17 5.2 Marketing Organization 18 5.3 Contingency Planning 18 References 19 1. Executive Summary The plan is to start a highly differentiated car wash to be known as  the Green Car Wash, offering a premium service to middle and upper income customers with cars between two and ten years of age. The form, to be started in San  Carlos, the sale plan reveals the creation of a $500,000 profit in year three, the aim is to use this success to build a further two car washes in nearby  areas and then, in year five take the business to the franchises model. 2. Situational Analysis The Green Car Wash is a startup business, started by Greg Blos,  Miriam Chacon, aiming to provide a high quality and environmentally friendly carwash in San Carlos, CA 94070. The carwash service is provided will be highly differentiated and appeal to middle  to high income car drivers. The service is highly differentiated due to the system which is utilized, a carwash which has been built in order to recover 95% of  the portrait used, for reuse. This is beneficial in terms of the environmental aspects water usage, it is also beneficial for the company in terms of operating costs as it  reduces the reliance on the public will to system. In addition to this a treatment for detailing which utilizes microorganisms which are able to can chew up citation present phone  calls, this is applied in a special booth, but also provides protection for twice as long as carnauba wax by creating a thin organic film. 

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