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    McDonalds and Burger King Franchises in the Middle East; Two SWOT Analyses

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    This 5 page paper undertakes a concise and accurate SWOT analysis of each of these two companies in the middle east. The bibliography cites 9 sources. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

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    one of the most successful exports to come out of America. When we consider the entrance and continuance of two major fast food companies.; McDonalds and Burger King, in the  area, we can consider their poison by undertaking a SWOT analysis of the companies in order to examine their strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats. McDonalds McDonalds has many  strengths. The high level of branding that is seen world wide and the association that the company has with the US, and more importantly freedom, democracy and consumerism. In the  Middle East there are now numerous McDonalds, all set up under franchises, attracting businessmen as a result of their reputation. The strength of the operation may also be seen in  the ease with which large amounts of food may be produced quickly and easily. The company has also shown a very good ability to spread internationally, before setting out to  open up this area the company had a reputation for international growth backed up by financial statistics. Each year the company had been able to increase its intentional sales by  14% for the previous ten years (Morse, 1992). This meant that the company had a good idea of the difficulty of diverse cultures they may face. Indeed, in two restaurants  in Israel alone there were over 2.5 million visitors in the first year (Israel Business Today, 1994). However, with the strengths there are also weaknesses. As we have seen in  some areas, such as Israel, where the American brand was favourable, however, the companys nationality is also a weakness, especially when we consider the historical foreign policy of support for  Israel by the US government. This has been to the concern and attracted criticism form many of the other middle east nations. The rejection of the Palestinian situation lead to 

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