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    Meaning of Equality of Opportunities

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    In seven pages the definition, limitations, and objectives of equal opportunities are considered. Five sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    as simple as the real world manifests. The problem is that todays society is not one of equal opportunity, the question is should equal opportunity be a realistic goal, and  what is meant by equal opportunity. Ironically we may argue that this does not mean there needs to be positive discrimination, nor favourable of minorities as is often seen as  the balancing mechanism today, but that all people, regardless of age, sex, gender, financial circumstances or any other factor will have an equal chance to take an opportunity and  to develop it. The problem is not with the ideal, which is noble and honourable, it is with the way we seek to achieve it, as with all aspects where  resources are used there is a cost, and we must assertion if the cost is worth the benefit that it produces and the effectiveness of that result, will it work,  should it be a social goal, even if it cannot be achieved. Furthermore, if it cannot be achieved is it even desirable. We can  consider equality of opportunity in many ways, between developed countries and third world nations there is little equality of opportunity. The opportunities even the lowest rungs of society have access  to in the developed nations may be ambitious for those struggling in countries where floods and famines have created conditions where it is the opportunity to survive that is seen  as the primary concern. Survival taking over from the ambitions that are seen in other countries. This is not usually a primary concern in the UK. However, when looking more  closely at British society there are still many whos main motivation is to survive, often due to the lack of opportunity, ether due to social position and family circumstances, or 

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