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    Moral Pastoral Practice: Case Study

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    A 13 page paper based on a scenario provided by the student. The issue is abortion, specifically, the loss of the fetus as a result of surgery for uterine cancer. The paper begins with a brief description of the events. The next section discusses Catholic theology and teachings about abortion, including the principle of the 'double effect' – an indirect abortion to save the mother's life. Citations from the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, Archdiocese, the Pope, and other theological experts and scholars are included. An analysis of the interaction between the patient and Pastoral Associate is provided, citing Scripture. Finally, a conclusion discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the interaction. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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    that she is a high school graduate and has two younger sisters. When the Pastoral Associate arrives at work one day, he finds a note from Sister Regina information  him that she is at a retreat and asking him to cover her wing on the 4th floor. Joyce is on his list of visits to be made. Following  a brief visit to the chapel, the Pastoral Associate goes to Joyces hospital room. The door is open, he enters and greets her and then, realizes she is on the  telephone. He apologizes, introduces himself and asks if he can return later; an appointment is made for 1:00 that day. Upon learning his position, Pastoral Associate, Joyce seems eager to  talk with him. The first verbal interaction between Joyce and the Associate begins to establish a rapport between the two because they both suffer from asthma. Joyce shortly blurts out  that she had an abortion the previous month. Joyce explains that she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Surgery would definitely mean the loss of the baby but no surgery would  result in her death with no guarantee the baby would live. Joyce feels she is responsible for her babys death and is worries that God is angry with her, that  maybe He hates her. She feels she has destroyed her relationship with God. She even asks if the Pastoral Associate hates her. The Pastor Associate does not discuss the abortion  but instead focuses on comforting Joyce, telling her that God loves her. He assures Joyce that God is loving, He is the God of love, not of hate. He also  assures Joyce that he loves her as a sister in Christ. Joyce tells the Pastor Associate that someday she will have another baby and make up for losing this one. 

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