• Nuclear Power: An Environmental Necessity

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    A 5 page assessment of nuclear power as a feasible environmental option. This paper argues for nuclear power and discounts the controversy over whether or not it contributes to greenhouse gases. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    II. contemporary sociopolitical environment a. puts alternative energy sources at a competitive disadvantage b. perception of value of nuclear power 1. overshadowed by Three Mile Island and Chernobyl  III. advantages of nuclear power a. sustainability b. environmental compatibility 1. less or no contribution to global warming 2. importance of adequate waste disposal IV. Conclusion a. nuclear  power is not only a viable but also a preferred option Our continued  dependence on fossil fuels has tremendous costs associated with it. This has never been more evident that today when many of us are paying over $4.00 a gallon to  fuel our automobiles and receiving gas and electric bills so high that they have to be budgeted out over the entire year just to pay them. Fossil fuels are  a finite resource, once they are gone they are gone. We must identify alternative energy sources and make a transition towards those sources if our society and some remnant  of the worlds natural environment is to survive. Nuclear power is one of the most logical of those alternative energy sources.  Interestingly, while the public practically unquestionably relies on hydrocarbon based fuels they often view alternative energy sources, particularly nuclear power, with a certain degree of suspicion if not all-out  disdain. The discrepancies in the way the different forms of energy are viewed and even sometimes regulated most certainly put the alternative energy industries at a severe competitive disadvantage.  Although nuclear power stands out as a viable alternative in our search for alternative fuels, the disasters which occurred at Chernobyl and Three 

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