• Olde City is Plagued by Gentrification

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    This 6 page paper uses the proposal by the same name (Filename SA546Old.rtf) to write the actual paper. How Olde City has emerged, why it is important and how residents can protect it from further gentrification are issues included. The history of Olde City is provided along with some current statistics. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    Olde City is Plagued by Gentrification properly I. Introduction  Older cities provide character to the regions that are inundated with building and improving. Michael Sorkin talks about the aerographical city with its skyscrapers and fields and shopping malls. He  talks about gentrification and uses the Lower East Side as an example (Sorkin). Indeed, the Lower East Side is a fine example of a region that was in a poor  state. It was dangerous. No one wanted to walk through alphabet town, and then a decade or so down the road, only the rich can afford its apartments. It is  good in a way, but then it leaves the artists and musicians and writers who could scrape up enough money for an apartment with nowhere to go. In some way,  this example serves as one that can be used when exploring Olde City in Philadelphia. Gentrification is a problem. The people who enjoy their quaint neighborhoods are surprised and  dismayed when new ground is broken to put up either a hi-rise or very expensive single family dwellings. When big developers get their way and begin to build, it changes  the character of the neighborhood and there is little anyone can do about it. In Olde City, this is a problem too. Olde City is the part of Philadelphia that  is well known and it is now an up and coming neighborhood. The residents who are there for some time are not happy. There are artisans and craftspeople who continue  to sport a nineteenth century attitude ("Old City"). They live in what is called "North of the Market" ("Old City"). Olde City, like many old cities, contain areas to which 

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