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    Preventing Depression and Anxiety

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    7 pages. This paper is based on a recently published research project. Information includes the background, hypothesis, the methodology and analysis. Comprehensive and interesting paper on preventing depression and anxiety. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    preventing depression and anxiety. BACKGROUND AND HYPOTHESIS According to Martin E. P. Seligman, PhD, Peter Schulman, B.S., and Robert J. DeRubeis, PhD of the University of Pennsylvania and Steven  D. Hollon, PhD of Vanderbilt University, it is their hypothesis that with the proper cognitive therapy skills it is possible that an individual suffering from depression and/or anxiety can be  prevented from having a recurrence. It is their contention that the skills "taught in cognitive therapy for depression and anxiety disorders can also be taught preventively to individuals at risk  but not currently suffering from these disorders" (Seligman, Schulman et al, PG, 1999). There has been much research in the past as well as theories explored as to the best  treatment of unipolar depression. There is an ongoing debate as to whether the patient responds better to pharmacotherapy or cognitive therapy based treatment. Studies reveal that patients do  indeed benefit from a continued treatment of cognitive therapy in treating unipolar depression. While pharmacotherapy is helpful it should also be used in conjunction with cognitive therapy for the  best results. Cognition refers to the process of knowing, which applies to a combination of judgment and awareness. Inasmuch as there are no two identical individuals who seek out  psychological counseling, the same holds true about the theories with which these people are treated. To be sure, no single approach can be considered a catchall for every component  of mental health, which is why there are many divergent theories psychologists apply to any number of different situations. Psychopathology addresses the issues of behavioral and psychological dysfunction as they  relate to social disorganization. Cognition refers to the process of knowing, which applies to a combination of judgment and awareness. Social psychology studies various components of attitude, motivation, 

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