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    Process of Making Laws and Parliament's Role

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    In seven pages this paper examines the processes of making laws in an analysis of the role and participation of parliament. Seven sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    their democratic proxy, to bring about the will of the people. As well as the role of the law lords as the dispensers of justice and the final appeal. We  need to consider the set up and the role of parliament in order to best understand the role it plays within the legislation. However, although beyond the scope of the  paper, the student may also wish to make reference to the separation of the powers in the way that there is a separation between the government and the judiciary, and  as such the enforcement of the law and its interpretation. In British constitutional law we see that it is parliament that has  the power of sovereignty, as in theory, although there are checks and balances, the parliament can be seen as having unlimited legislative authority therefore we can see that the powers  that were formerly associated with a sovereign have been transferred to the government, and as such we can see the basis for the statement of the sovereignty of Parliament and  the way that this sovereignty has been used. This brings into question firstly exactly what we mean in theory by the term and  also what this means in practice. This is especially pertinent when we consider the power invested in this institution and the recent controversies over the behaviour of certain member of  parliament and their unsavoury morals or question of judgement. The nature of the relationship between the courts and Parliament are the embodiment  of this principle. The courts must abide by what they are told in the form of Acts of Parliament. Here it is parliament that take preference as the courts cannot 

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