• Proposal: Beginning Principals In The Era Of Accountability

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    A 17 page paper that presents a dissertation proposal. Schools have changed and so has the principalship. Accountability is not the focus word and principals are required to be accountable not only for the smooth operation of the school but also for student achievement. Many experienced principals are saying the multitude of tasks and responsibilities are simply not 'doable' and are retiring early. How are novice/beginning principals dealing with the challenges of expanded demands on the principal? This paper includes these sections: introduction, problem statement, purpose of study, significance of study, literature review and methodology. Standards for principals as published by two organizations are reported along with some of their many responsibilities. 2 Appendices reflect the surveys to be sent to new principals for this study. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    PROPOSAL: BEGINNING PRINCIPALS IN THE ERA OF ACCOUNTABILITY , September 2003 properly! [Note: If there  are research studies specifically on novice/beginning principals addressing how they balance the diverse demands or if they do, they are not easily accessible. Extensive searching did not result in finding  any such study. That does not mean they do not exist, it means using all of our tools and skills, I could not find any. It may be the issue  of accountability and preparation of new principals is too new to have many studies published yet. You also asked how to set up such a study. The format in which  this model research paper is written will help answer that question.] Introduction "Schools are changing. They are transforming in response to various pressures, including parent complaints about the quality of  education, labor market demands for increasingly skilled workers, rapid advances in technology, and the growing popularity of public school alternatives such as charter schools and advocacy for vouchers for private  education. No one can say for certain how the schools of the new century will differ from those of the past century - but there can be little doubt that  these schools will require different forms of leadership" (Institute of Educational Leadership, 2000). The Institute of Educational Leadership established a task force to develop a School Leadership for the  21st Century Initiative (Institute of Educational Leadership, 2000). The purpose was to raise awareness about the "critical problems facing education leadership" (Institute of Educational Leadership, 2000). As all educators know,  schools across the country are facing numerous challenges: buildings are crumbling, violence is rampant in many regions, there are staff shortfalls, there are budget crunches, academic expectations are too low 

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