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    Proposal For Research on How to Increase FDI into Saudi Arabia

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    This 23 page paper is a research proposal to investigate the strategies that may be adopted to help increased foreign direct investment into Saudi Arabia. The paper presents an introduction as well as aims and objectives, a literature review looking at FDI and determinants for FDI and some background to Saudi Arabia. The paper also induces a methodology. The bibliography cites 22 sources.

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    levels of FDI 11 2.4 Influences on FDI 14 2.4 Saudi Arabia 20 Figure 2 FDI Levels 2001 - 2006 21 3. Methodology 23 4. Results 24 References 24 1. Introduction Saudi  Arabia is known as the worlds largest oil producing nation. However, oil is an exhaustible resource, and while supporting the economy at the current time there will be a time  where it is not longer important. This is one of the reasons behind the motivation fore economic diversification, which is also supported with the desire to increase the level of  foreign direct investment that is received. In 2008 the Saudi Arabian government announced the target of increasing the level of foreign direct investment (FDI) to US $900 billion over the  following ten years (Remo-Listana, 2008). This is a significant increase, the country has already demonstrated an ability to gain FDI, supported by internal regulatory and structural changes, in 2007  Saudi Arabia attracted $24 billion of FDI (AME Info, 2009). This was a 33% increase over 2006 and meant that Saudi Arabia was the largest recipient of FDI in the  GCC area. But to meet the targets it is apparent that this level needs to increase, the question is how can the achieved? 1.1 Aims and Objectives The aim of the  research to look at the way that Saudi Arabia may increase the level of foreign direct investment that they are receiving. In order to assessed this there will be a  number of objectives that need to be satisfied to give the research a meaningful context these will include * Assessing the current level of FDI that is being received  by Saudi Arabia, looking at what type fo FDI Is being made and what type of firms are making the investment * To assess the motivation behind the current FDI 

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