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    Radical Elements of Judaism According to Huston Smith

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    In six pages this paper examines Chapter 7 of Huston Smith's The World's Religions in its consideration of Judaism, prophecy, conscience, and the empowerment of God.

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    the prophetic voice, the importance of conscience, and the fact that the knowledge of ones god is empowering. The Torah The idea: It is claimed that Hebrews  were the first of the ancient peoples to be value history in their philosophy. The process of searching and questioning within a faith validates the idea of revelation, which  gives answers to the questions posed. This particular thought process also validates the capacity for change and adaptation through time. It is a logical conclusion that questions are not asked  because there is nothing better to do on Thursday at 3pm. Rather the idea of question indicated both an expected answer and allows a place for a change in attitude  as well. Just as there are faiths today, that do not allow for a believers questions, there were also belief systems in the ancient world that were narrow and  not open to any type of examination. We might even wonder if such a mental attitude that allows adaptation and change on a spiritual level, might be more psychologically  equipped to survive, through the application of that same thought on a physical level. The history: Moses wrote the Torah after he received a vision from Yahweh at Mt. Sinai  1500 years before the Messiahs birth. The Torah contained 630 laws, including the Ten Commandment Law (ethical laws), such as remember the Sabbath and honor thy mother and father, and  laws on worship (seven feast days), such as the Passover, the Feasts of Weeks, and the Day of Atonement. Obedience to the Torah provided blessings from the creator and  freed the Jews from superstitions and mythical fear. Disobedience to Yahwehs laws brought His wrath and an oppressing fear of punishment. The basic system of law is taken for 

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