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    Relationship Between Mentor Programs And Teacher Attrition

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    A 65 page paper that begins with a tutorial note about thesis papers. The paper demonstrates a master's research paper comprised of five chapters. Problem statement, purpose of study, hypothesis, and definition of terms are included in the introduction. The literature review begins a report and discussion of teacher shortage and attrition rates of new teachers. Reasons for this exodus are reported. The literature review then turns to programs that have been shown to increase new teacher retention beginning with induction programs, which are described and discussed. Mentoring and mentor programs are then discussed beginning with an explanation and description of mentoring and comments on the general state of mentor programs in the U.S., including the number of states with legislation that either supports or requires mentor programs. Examples of numerous mentor programs are reported with their results. The methodology chapter explains the research design, subjects and procedures. Finally, the conclusion brings together the sections of the paper. Many examples are incorporated into the paper. Each section ends with a summary. Statistical data are reported. 1 Illustration is included. Bibliography lists 31 sources.

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    Masters Thesis differ in page length - dramatically. Often, the literature review is the longest by far. For example, the methodology section may be only 1 or 2 pages while  the lit chapter may be 20 pages. It depends on the subject and the approach used in the study. If the researcher is using a research design that is very  complex or that is not used often or that is modified from its typical steps, the methodology chapter could stretch to six or even more pages because this is being  explained. The lit review chapter is supposed to demonstrate the candidates thorough knowledge of the multitude of researchers and authors who have addressed the topic and complementary topics over the  years. While the introduction chapter sets up initial justification for the present study, the lit review chapter also provides support and justification for the present study. Further, information included in  the introduction is also included in the lit review. Trying to make each chapter the same in length or even similar in length is inappropriate. In the final document, each  chapter is as long as it takes to include the necessary and appropriate information. Chapters are not limited by the number of pages. Please review some Masters Theses in your  school library. Hope these notes help you to better understand this type of research. You asked for a study that could be a model - see Greene, Sandra, 1997, which  was sent to you.] CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Public schools are facing a serious drop-out problem, not of students but of teachers (Ingersoll, 2001). According to various studies, more than 40  percent of new teachers leave the profession in the first five years (The NEA Foundation, 2002). Furthermore, baby-boomers who entered the teaching profession in the 1960s are now at or 

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