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    and in between goes through roughly the same developmental process from baby to child to mature adult to old age. Along the way, religions and societies have devised rites of  passage that mark the passage of an individual from one stage of life to the next, which also signals different levels of societakhl responsibility and expectation. One stage  of life that is often marked by rites of passage is the entry of adolescents into adulthood. For example, a boy is considered to be a man at the age  of 13 ("Religious Ceremonies"). While he is still considered to be a child in modern Western societies for 5 more years, within Orthodox Judaism, he is allowed "to marry in  a synagogue" and is invited to read from the Torah "as any male member...of the congregation is invited to do from time to time" ("Religious Ceremonies"). It is referred to  as a "barmitzvah" when a 13-year-old boy is invited to read for the first time. This is not a simple task as it requires reading Hebrew, which is a  complicated language ("Religious Ceremonies"). A party typically follows. The role of this rite of passage is to signal to the boys religious community that a child is entering into adolescence  and, thus, in the religious duties and responsibilities of being an adult male within this community. The boy, in turn, receives a new status that encourages his identification with his  community and its values. Young girls also have rites of passage. One of the more pleasant initiations into womanhood is as rite performed by the African Okrika tribe. Girls  between the ages 14 and 16 live in "fattening rooms" and receive the richest foods available to the tribe, so that their bodies will "come out" (Delaney 891). During this 

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