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    This 3 page paper provides an example of a scholarhsip proposal, which includes the personal circumstances of one person.

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    living on a military base overseas. Under military law, the jobs on a U.S. military base are primarily for American citizens and their family members. As a resident,  I am unable to seek employment as long as I live overseas. In addition, my husband, who is employed with the Navy, did not apply for the Montgomery GI  Bill to provide educational benefits for his military service, and he is currently attending college. Though he receives Military Tuition Assistance, this is not enough to cover our expenses  for both of our educations. I have applied for the Presidents Scholarship, the Endowed Scholarship, and the University College Endowment Fund scholarship because I believe I meet the  criteria for grade point averages specified, as well as the financial need and specific criteria for each of these scholarships. Because tuition costs place a strain on our family  budget, I hope that these scholarships will help to offset the cost of my college education. Academic and Career Goals My academic goals are reflected in a long  history of positive performance, high grades, and academic achievement. Initially, my parents directed me to enter college through an advanced program track in the expectation that I would one  day enter medical school. I realized after some time, though, that I had no lasting interest in pursing a career in medicine, and delayed my education after meeting my  husband and moving to Spain. Currently, though, I am back in school, pursuing a bachelors degree in Finance with the belief that this is an area of study  where I can learn a broad range of new information. I recognize that my analytical skills are an asset, as are my interests and affinities for problems solving, mathematics, accounting 

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