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    The Bush Administration's Proposed Immigration Policies

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    This 6 page report discusses President Bush's program for immigration reform that he presented in January 2004. The main ideas of the proposal are discussed as well as why certain groups either support or oppose them. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    the President is simply trying to gain the approval and support of the nations Hispanic population while his supporters point out that immigration issues are a key concern in the  21st century United States. As is virtually always the case with political, economic, and social issues, there is more than one interpretation and certainly more than one way to understand  the issue. The student working on this project will need to be willing to look at President Bushs proposals and then consider the ways in which it is possible to  both criticize and support it. In forming a personal opinion, the student will need to consider his or her own personal biases, experiences, politics, and beliefs in order to determine  whether or not they think the policy is valid or predicated on appealing to a particular voting bloc. The Basics of the Plan  According to Kuttner (2004): President George W. Bushs proposals on immigration would establish a system that would allow some of the foreign illegal workers now in the  U.S. to qualify for the status of "guest-worker" and to hold on to their Social Security credits when they return home (p. 20). The premise is that both the workers  and their employers would benefit from such a policy (p. 20). Cooper (2004) adds that those workers would also have the opportunity to renew their guest worker status for periods  of three years (p. 22). The proposal would also allow for employers to bring immigrant workers into the U.S. under those same terms.  Cooper points out that an important concern about the proposal is that such a scheme does not lead to a means by which such workers can gain permanent residency 

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