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    The Role Of Database System In 5 Star Hotel In Kazakhstan; Research Proposal

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    This 5 page paper looks at the way research could be undertaken to identify the type of database and database management system a five star hotel would need. The paper includes an introduction, objective, a brief literature review, justification, methodology and expected results. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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    paramount importance in serving customer needs and providing the services required. The higher the category of the hotel the greater the guest expectations will be which will increase pressures for  the use for information technology to manage the large level of information needed for operational purposes. The purpose of this paper is to identify the role of a database for  a five star hotel in Kazakhstan 2. Objectives The need for a database may be apparent, but to ensure that a database gives the optimal value the hotel need to  identify what features the hotels needs or will use and how it will be able to add value to the everyday operations so that the database that will eventually be  installed is able to support operations and help the business develop and sustain competitive advantages or growth plans. The main objectives will therefore be; * To identify the uses which  the hotel will want to use the database for and the required links between the different departments. * To identify the functions of a database that can add  the most value * To identify the way in which the correct database can be implemented in the hotel. 3. Literature Review The standard use of a database to manage  bookings and customer accounts is assumed to be the very basic need of any database that is used in a hotel. To consider the aspects that the five start hotel  in Kazakhstan will want to consider we need to look at the added value features that are in access of the basic operations. To consider this the first  stage is to define what is meant by a database. A database may be defined as a collection of information that is within a computer program in a way that 

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