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    The Use and Misuse of Figures and Statistical Analysis

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    This 20 page paper is written in four parts. Part one looks at a business proposal carries pout forecasts for the proposal of a new restaurant, showing how weekly, monthly and yearly forecasts can be made using excel. This section also shows the formula tables used for the projections. This section also considers the aspects which may not be including in financial proposals, such as stakeholder analysis and also the different between the flat rate and the annual percentage rate also known as the APR. The second part of the paper looks at time series data, what it is, how it can be used and presented using excel, and also the problems when using monetary time series data, explaining the difference between current and constant prices. Examples are given on this section. The third part of the paper looks at cross sectional data, what it is an how it can be used, an example is given. The example given is then analysed and the potential problems with this analysis are discussed. The last part of the paper explores correlation coefficients. Looking at what they are and how they may be used, as well as the way in which they maybe misused or misinterpreted. Examples are given to illustrate points raised. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

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    when planning a business. By setting out spreadsheets there are a variety of ways a business proposal maybe analysed. Using the equation functions different variables can be changed and the  impact can then be examined. The initial stages of planning a business require that all costs are assesses and income is projected  in order to assess if there is a potential profit that is sufficient to warrant the investment, as well as helping the level of working capital that will be required.  By looking at the way that the business can be projected and the figured analysed the first tool is likely to be that similar to management rather than financial accounting.  This is the income and expenditure assessment. Here we will make demonstrate this on a monthly after demonstrating a weekly and a monthly breakdown that are then used to make  the longer term projections. The business being proposed is a restaurant, the individual making the proposal is an experienced restaurant manager and  chef, and has good industry knowledge. The figures are taken from existing knowledge as well as extensive research in the area that the proposed restaurant will be located. The proposal  is for a fish and chip restaurant at a seaside location on the main seafront road, also providing a takeaway section. This is recognised as being a seasonal, and the  restaurant side is planned as closing down in the off peak season, with only the takeaway remaining open during the winter months when the tourists are not in the area  to boost demand. The first illustration is a sample weekly breakdown, as each day will be different. For illustration purposes we will use one week only where the restaurant is 

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