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    Traditions of Radical Feminism, Socialism, and Liberalism

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    In five pages this paper evaluates the feminist usefulness of such traditions as radical feminist, socialist, and liberal. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    traditions. For the most part, these feminist traditions have existed at the same times in history, and exist today as well. There are generally three types of feminist tradition most  commonly noted in society. These are liberal, socialist, and radical. In the following paper we define and examine all three traditions separately. The paper then discusses what may well be  the best approach in contemporary society. Liberal Liberal Feminism tends to place "emphasis on the role of the individual, ideas, education, and law. Since laws and ideas can  be changed, their political action took the form of lobbying to remove sex discrimination in the legal system, and education in order to bring about a more gender equal upbringing  of children, and reform of the school system to teach the values of gender equity, as in female principals acting as role models for young school girls" (Anonymous Liberal Feminism,  2001; libfem.htm). In many ways all feminist tradition has foundations in liberal feminism, as seen in the following: "Minimally, feminism is a commitment to gender equality, a recognition that male  domination exists and is wrong. It has its roots in the liberal tradition of the autonomous and freely choosing self" (Wright, 2001; 19wright.html). It is a tradition that remains powerfully  strong today and is, according to Wright (2001), "well represented by liberal feminists. These feminists believe equality can be achieved by modifying the present system through promoting greater equality of  opportunity (increased educational and workplace access, etc.)" (19wright.html). For the most part, however, many liberal feminists reject the views of the radical feminists and socialist feminists for they do not  feel the battle should be fought through attacks on patriarchy or through capitalism. In fact, "they are often accused of cooperating with patriarchy and capitalism, as in seeking better careers 

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