• Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: Challenges For Patient And Family

    Pages: 62

    A 62 page research paper that provides a comprehensive synopsis of the literature on the physical, emotional and psychosocial issues and challenges the spinal cord-injured patient must face. Besides the obvious physical challenges, there are numerous secondary medical and health conditions that can and often do emerge during the months and years following this type of injury. There are also any number of emotional and psychosocial issues and challenges. Both the patient and the patient's family experience a range of emotions. There are some consistent variables in the literature that influence how well the patient and the family adjust and move past the injury. These include available resources, emotional support and the strength of the family unit. Other variables found particularly important in the patient's recovery are attitude toward life and the opportunity to work or to be productive. The information presented in this article also includes implications for nursing. One of the objectives for this paper is publication. Subheadings include: introduction, purpose, justification, theoretical framework, objectives, methodology, definitions, economic impact of injury, physical and health issues and challenges, emotional and psychosocial issues and challenges, impact and challenges for the family, implications for nursing, conclusion and abstract. Statistical data included. 5 Tables included. Bibliography lists 45 sources.

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