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    Trio of Senators' Websites Compared

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    In five pages the websites of Republican Senator John McCain and Democratic Senators Richard Bryan and Edward Kennedy are compared in terms of the constitutent appeal of each. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    assistance to their constituents. Targeting young and old alike, one of the primarily appealing attributes of all three sites is the fact that there is something there for everyone.  Even if a particular individual has little background knowledge of McCain, Kennedy or Bryan as individuals and/or political representatives, the website content readily provided quickly and thoroughly educates the  constituents on both aspects. Without question, one of the significant issues McCain addresses on his website is that of pork barrel politics, which he showcases on the home page.  The presence of this particular content gives even the least politically educated visitor a chance to fully understand partisan viewpoint. With his familys historic political legacy, Kennedys partisan information  is based upon his firm democratic stance. Bryans contribution revolves around touting his proposed Bipartisan Prescription Drug Plan. The extent to which  each Senator offers information about his policy stands is certainly adequate; however, Kennedys website is chockfull of informative links that immediately address these issues. From education to minimum wage  and health care to social security, Kennedys policy stands are presented directly on the home page, while McCain and Bryan offer generalized policy links without any specification. Additionally, the  extent to which each Senator tries to build trust and loyalty through providing personal information and services represents the most pertinent and obvious components on all sites. Kennedy, once  again, stands far and away the most accessible Senator via his website, inasmuch as his home page catalogues myriad links that range from family history to personal attributes to photo  galleries. Indeed, both McCain and Bryan offer these components on their websites, as well, yet they are not as detailed and available on their home pages as are Kennedys. 

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