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Banking & Corporate Finance (Page 13)
Mutual Fund Portfolio Management : This 15 page paper
creates a mock mutual fund in order to glimpse just what a
fund manager does. Several stocks are chosen and each is
explored in depth in order to provide sound reasoning for
the choices made. Beta coefficients are used in assessing
risk. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Mutport.wps

Option Volatility and Pricing : A 7 page essay reviewing
Sheldon Natenberg's book, “Option Volatility and Pricing.”
This is one of the most widely read books in the stock
market. Sections include: language to know and understand;
what are call and put options; how volatility is determined;
different elements to consider before entering this market.

Dividend Distributions : This 3 page essay examines a
fictitious company that plans to distribute a $20 million
dollar dividend. An overview of implications concerning
dividend distributions as it relates to business law and taxes
is included. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Divdist.wps

Loan Choices During Recessionary Times : This 3 page
essay examines a fictitious company and its loan choices
with the possibility of recession in mind. An overview of
economic variables as well as advice about types of loans
the company should take are provided. Bibliography lists 2
sources. Loanrec.wps

The Salomon Brother Scandal / Wall Street Prosecutes ! :
A 9 page paper on the Salomon Brothers Scandal of the
early 1990's in which a prestigious trading firm was caught
submitting $15.5 billion in phony bids to buy more U.S.
government bonds and notes than it was allowed. The writer
discusses SEC involvement, the firm's quick own restoration
of its good name and some of the recommendations posed
for preventing the occurrence of another scandal in the
future. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Salomon.wps

Wall Street / Ethical Issues Presented : A 7 page paper that
describes the moral and ethical dilemmas presented to Bud
Fox in the movie "Wall Street." One of the major themes in
the movie is the issue of being a moral individual in an
amoral organization, and Bud's character and the character
of Gekko provide the essence of his discussion.

Has Negative Publicity Affected Tobacco Companies’
Stock Prices? :
An 8 page research paper investigating the
ways in which negative publicity might have affected the
performance of the nation’s top two tobacco companies in
the stock market. Some analysts have said that the
companies’ stockholders are bearing the brunt of the rash of
lawsuits and multi-billion dollar settlements in questions of
tobacco-related health concerns and that the losses are
“unfair” to the long-time investors. Philip Morris, the
leading cigarette manufacturer, consistently posts gains and
their three-year stock performance mirrors that of the DOW
Industrials. RJR Nabisco posts performance that wanders
all over a graph. The paper concludes that management
practice is costing some stockholders even more than
billion-dollar settlements. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

The Effects of Yield Management on the Fortunes of the
U.S. Airline Industry :
A 9 page paper on the positive
financial effects that yield management pricing has had on
the major airlines of the U.S., exhibited by a $2.5 billion
industry-wide profit after posting losses of over $13 billion
over the previous four years combined. With the major
airlines’ increased financial health, they are better able to
compete not only with each other, but against the newer,
smaller airlines that would like to create a secondary market
in areas not well-served by the major carriers. The major
airlines, however, are using all their new-found financial
might to drive the smaller ones out of their markets and then
follow with increased fares when the threat of competition is
gone. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Yieldmgt.wps

Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette : 12 pages in length.
Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette is one company that turns the
phrase “big business” into a totally inadequate
understatement: they boast total capital of over $3.46
billion and total assets of over $55.56 billion. DLJ is
involved in every facet of commercial finance endeavor
ranging from investment banking to stock brokering to asset
management to institutional equities to emerging markets to
any other imaginable aspect of commercial financial
operation. The many separate businesses that comprise DLJ
fall into three groups: Financial Services, Capital Markets
and Banking. The one discussed in depth is their online
investment trading services. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

The Stock Brokerage Industry : This 10 page report
discusses the stock brokerage industry and its impact on the
economics of the United States. The largest amount of
securities of the time traded in the secondary markets fit into
one or the other of two categories: bonds or stocks. As
investors become better educated and more confident in
their own analyses of the extensive information that
surrounds them on a daily basis -- newspapers, newsletters,
magazines, brokerage-house mailings, the Internet, and
television -- and as the steady improvement in markets
confirms belief in the value of sensible investing, investors
realize that they have become far less dependent on the
advice of full-service brokers. Bibliography lists 12 sources.


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