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Homosexuality and Homosexual Issues  (Page 2)
Gays in the Military & Controversy : A 7 page analysis of
the pros and cons associated with the controversy surrounding
laws which attempt to ban homosexuals from entry in the U.S.
armed forces. The writer feels that these laws are, for the most
part, ridiculous as they put the real purpose of the military (to
protect our country), second behind superficial social ones.
While both sides of the issues are examined, the argument leans
in favor of an open policy, particularly when considering the
fact that we may some day need to return to a draft or
compulsory enlistment. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Comments On “The Case for a Military Gay Ban” by
David H. Hackworth :
A 6 page paper discussing the 1992
Washington Post article by David H. Hackworth on “The Case
for a Military Gay Ban.” Hackworth notes a variety of
experience-based reasons for hhis opposition to gays in the
military. Bibliography lists two sources. Gayshh.wps

Gay Adoption / A Controversial Issue : This 20 page
research paper explores the social impact, legal issues, and
controversies surrounding the issue of gays adopting children.
Both conservatives and activists offer evidence to support their
positions in terms of the effect gay parenting has on children.
Legal issues are being fought in most states, a battle renewed as
a result of a recent ruling by a judge in New Jersey.
Bibliography lists 15 sources. Gayadopt.wps

Gay / Lesbian Parenting--- The Adoption Issue : A 6 page
paper concerning the controversial issue of same sex couples
and adoption. The issues discussed are the "morality" of being
a gay parent, stands taken for and against the issue, etc-- the
writer is in favor of adoption rights for gay couples.
Counter-arguments are presented and then attacked--asserting
that just because homosexuals are not biologically able to
produce children does not been they should be barred from
adopting them. After all, not every heterosexual couple
produces their own children either. Moreover, gay parenting
helps solve the single-parenting issue as well. Numerous other
strong points concerning gay adoption are made. Bibliography
lists 6 sources. Gaypar.wps

Should Gays Be Allowed To Adopt Children ? : A 10 page
research paper exploring the question: should gays be allowed
to adopt children? Both sides of the “gay adoption” controversy
are presented with an analysis of the arguments offered. Finally,
the writer takes and defends a position in favor of gay adpotion
rights. Bibliography includes 11 references. Gadop.wps

'New Republic’ Article Review / Rauch’s “For Better Or
Worse” :
A 5 page paper that provides an overview of premises
in a New Republic article suggesting the Christian arguments
against Rauch's perspective. Rauch essentially provides
arguments in regards to marriage and the efficacy of both
homosexual and heterosexual unions. Bibliography lists no
additional sources. Better.wps

Gay Adoption / An Overview : An 8 page research paper in
which the writer looks at both sides of the gay adoption
controversy -- examining a number of relevant case examples,
laws, and policies in different states & regions. Bibliography
lists 10 sources. Adogay.wps

Is Homosexuality in the Genes ? : A 12 page paper in which
the writer explores homosexuality from a biopyschosocial
perspective. Explored are the definitive roots of homosexuality,
changing psychiatric opinions over time, and most
importantly,-- recent breakthroughs which suggest that people's
sexuality may be the result of their genetic predisposition.
Numerous examples and statistical data are provided.
Bibliography lists 8+ sources. Homogene.wps

Homosexuality Is NOT Genetic / Argument : A 6 page
argumentative paper supporting the theory that recent genetic
findings cannot displace years of documented support for the
behavioral determinants of sexual identification. The writer
contends that the many discrepancies in the findings of Hamer
and his colleagues leads scientists, sociologists and
psychologists to continue to support the concept that
homosexuality is determined through behavioral choices, not
through genes. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Homosexu.wps

Lesbians in the Workplace : This 5 page paper discusses the
diversity issue of lesbians in the workplace. The writer presents
an overview of acceptance, discrimination, and other issues
confronting lesbians at work. The writer also briefly discusses
the benefits in general of workplace diversity. Bibliography lists
4 sources. Leswork.wps

Federico Garcia Lorca / His Poetry & Homosexual Themes:
A 7 page paper discussing the works of this twentieth century
Spanish poet. The writer gives a short description of his life,
then discusses two of his poems in depth, showing how they
expressed his homosexuality in new and startling ways. Poems
are included at end of paper. Bibliography included.

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