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    Literature, Female Characters, and the Theme of Phenomenal Women

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    In five pages this paper examines phenomenal women as a theme in the female characterizations by Susan Glaspell, Linda Paston, May Angelou, Marge Piercy, Joyce Carol Oates, and Adrienne Rich. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    Please note that our purpose here at is not to address the specific requirements of your assignment for you; rather, it is to provide a model paper  upon which you draw in order to compose your own conclusions. This model paper will help you, the student, write your own assignment by giving some examples of the type  of information that might be found regarding these varied characters and their creators. You should be sure to apply your information accordingly and expound upon it using this source as  a model only. Additionally, it is the students responsibility to use the required sources mandated in your assignment; writer is under no obligation to utilize all your  assigned sources when composing this model paper. Furthermore, for the writer to specifically address each of your instructors requirements would convey the impression that this paper was being written for  direct submittal to that instructor. As has been emphasized, this is not the case. Instead the student is to take the example provided by this model paper and  draw from that when composing your own paper and its bibliography. Phenomenal Women in Literature: Phenomenal Characters as They are Produced by Phenomenal Authors  by - 4 Mar 2003 paper properly!  The topic "phenomenal women" could take the writer on any multitude of directions. There are, in  fact, phenomenal women in practically all of our lives. For the writer the most important of these women have been my own family members as they played a direct 

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