• Proposal of Research for Operating a Vietnamese restaurant in the U.S

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    This 16 page paper is a research proposal for a project to research the potential opening and running a Vietnamese restaurant in the US. The paper presents the problem, aims and objectives, a broad literature review looking at Vietnamese restaurants, specific requirements for ethnic food restaurants and general success and failure factors. The paper then goes on to give a methodology for primary research, work plan and annotated bibliography with a table of contents. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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    Clustering of Vietnamese restaurants in the United States 7 2.2 Factors impacting on Success and Failure 8 Figure 2 Restaurant Business Failures 1996 - 1999 10 Figure 3 Restaurant density and failure rates 10 Figure  4 Influences on restaurant viability 11 3. Method 12 3.1 Methodology 12 3.2 Facilities/Equipment 13 3.3 Cost Estimate 14 Figure 5 Research cost estimates 14 3.3 Work Plan 14 Figure 6 Work plan 14 4. Expected Results 15 Annotated Bibliography 16  Abstract This paper is a proposal for research to examine requirements for setting up a successful Vietnamese restaurant in the United States.  The aim is to produce a report giving an overview of the different requirements. These requirements include the need for authenticity in the way that the food is prepared and  the experience is provided, as well as sound management and strong financial foundations and cost control. The proposal outlines research that will take 15 weeks to complete, including both primary  and secondary research, provides a budget of $600 and gives a work plan that can be followed by the student. 1. Introduction Many entrepreneurs open restaurants each year, but the  failure rate is high. More than 26% of independent restaurants fail in their first year and up to 60% will fail within the first three years (Parsa et al, 2005).  This indicates that opening a restaurant and running it may be a risky business and that for a firm to succeed it is necessary to understand the risk factors  to ensure that the restaurant can remain viable. When considering setting up and running a Vietnamese restaurant in the US the concept and the critical success factors, as well as  the risks, all have to be identified. 1.1 The Problem With so many failures there are obviously a number of problems associated with the restaurant trade. Parsa (et al, 

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