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    School Mascots Debate

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    In five pages this paper considers the school mascot debate and discusses the use of American Indian symbols as mascots. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    it ("Fighting Mad" A12). The logo was actually designed by a Native American artist and features an Indian whose cheeks are riddled with war paint and who is wearing feathers  in his hair (A12). It is the stereotypical Indian warrior and this caused a stir. Some deemed the logo offensive immediately and while the logo was not offensive to  all, many just did not like the idea of using Sioux Indians for a mascot in the first place (A12). It sounds like an overreaction to some, but it is  now not politically correct to use Indian names and logos for school sports teams. The controversy is rather widespread as many cases have come up in recent years. Presently, more  than 2,500 schools throughout the United States use Native American characters as their mascots ("Fighting Words" 3). Supporters say they are a symbol of Native American culture and  that the Department of Justice is wasting time in investigating the issue (3). Others are vehemently opposed to allowing the use of Native American mascots in schools and are willing  to fight the status quo. The use of Native American names and mascots by high schools, colleges and even by professional teams has been a debate that has raged for  about 30 years (Price 66). The issue is generally over whether names like Braves, Redskins, Braves, Chiefs or Indians honor or defile Indians and whether humorous figures such as  the Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo have any place in todays racially charged climate (66). Indeed, there is a lot that cannot be done anymore that was acceptable years ago. Black  face for example is taboo. When Ted Danson arrived at a party in black face a few years ago, he was shunned. Danson is not prejudiced and was even dating 

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