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Anatomy and Physiology  - last page in
subcategory - (Page 2)
The Kinesiology Of Kicking A Soccer Ball : 8 pages in
length. In order to understand the movement behind the act of
kicking a soccer ball, one must first conceive the basic
principles of kinesiology; indeed, these principles are readily
applied to the motion of a soccer ball kick in that they clearly
demonstrate the intricate details of what may appear
to the layperson to be a primarily uncomplicated action. The
writer discusses the physical elements involved with kicking
a soccer ball.  Bibliography lists 10 sources.  TLCsoccr.wps

The Kinesiology of a Tennis Forehand Ground Stroke :
This 10 page paper provides an overview of the kinesiology of
the tennis forehand ground stroke, with a specific concentration
on the movement of the joints and muscles of the upper
extremities. This paper also assesses the nature of kinesiology
as a means of understanding motion involved in sports
movements, and provides an overview of some current studies.
Bibliography lists 14 sources. MHtennis.wps

The Endocrine System : A 10 page overview of the endocrine
system. Includes specific information on the Ovary (follicle and
corpus luteum), Testis, Pancreas, Adrenal glands (medulla and
cortex), Thymus, Parathyroid gland, Thyroid, Posterior pituitary
gland, Anterior pituitary gland, Hypothalamus and the Pineal
gland as well as on their function, hormones, and regulators.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Endsys.wps

Exercise-Induced Asthma : A 6 page paper on the causes of
asthma and its relationship to exercise. Main focus is on yourth
sports in schools. Subjects covered include: medications,
alternative treatments (warm-ups, masks/scarves, swimming for
cardiovascular and strength training, relaxation), and what
school coaches and parents in combination can do to help young
athletes. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Exasthma.wps

Oxytocin : A 6 page research paper describing the purposes and
effects of oxytocin. Oxytocin is one of two hormones produced
in the hypothalamus and released by the pituatary glands. It is
called the "touch hormone" because it has been found to be
associated with the bonding that occurs between mother and
child. Studies using this hormone in inducing labor are reported.
Bibliography is included. Oxytocin.wps

Women's Basketball Injuries / Damage to The Anterior
Cruciate Ligament :
This 12 page, comprehensive research paper
examines common basketball injuries, preventive techniques, and
which groups are more likely to suffer from them. At least 80% of the
discussion focuses upon women's injuries and physiological factors
causing the gender to suffer more frequently from damages to
the anterior cruciate ligament specifically. Numerous studies are
cited. Bibliography lists more than 20 sources. Sportinj.wps

Ergonomics : A 5 page overview of the benefits of an
ergonomically correct workplace. Stresses that preplanning,
prioritization, and training are the key to a successful ergonomic
program. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Ergon.wps

Ergonomics and the Spine : A 5 page overview of the
incidence of back injury as a result of repetitive or awkward
motion and poor ergonomic design. Discusses the frequency of
back injuries and stresses the importance of redesigning the
workplace to better accommodate specific tasks. Bibliography
lists 5 sources. Ergospine.wps

Research Proposal : A 6 page paper proposing a research
project designed to discover some of the mechanisms of
pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis resulting from the influence
of rheumatoid factor. Early research discovered elevated levels
of immunoglobulin G (IgG) in patients seropositive for
rheumatoid arthritis, but it was not known if there was any
relation between the presence of these IgG substances and the
presentation of rheumatoid arthritis. It has since been
established that IgG, as well as other dimers of Ig have some
primary role in either the development or the advance of the
disease, and it is believed that the role has at least some
causative effect. The purpose of this proposed research is to
attempt to discover what that effect might be. Bibliography lists
10 sources. Rearthr.wps

Research Proposal # 2 : A 6 page paper proposing specific
research. One of the perplexing realities of the body of
knowledge surrounding some of the paths of differentiation and
affinities of specific molecules and specific genes is that they
frequently behave in ways unexpected under current theory.
Despite the fact that immunoglobulin (Ig) and T-cell receptor
genes use the same recombinases, Ig genes are functionally
rearranged only in B-cells and TCR genes only in T-cells. The
basis for this lineage specificity of antigen receptor gene
expression is still not well understood. The purpose of this
proposed research is to attempt to determine why the genes are
arranged only in the narrowly specified cell types. Bibliography
lists 11 sources. Resrcig.wps

Naturopathic Diet And A British Diet / How They Differ :
5 pages in length. The difference between a naturopathic diet and
a British diet is quite vast; while one is laden with saturated fat,
too much protein, simple carbohydrates and overprocessed
vegetables, the other promotes the ingestion of only fresh,
unadulterated produce and grain products, focusing mainly
upon the easily digestible and nutrient-rich food choices. The
writer discusses these differences as they relate to the food
pyramid. Bibliography lists 8 sources. TLCdiet.wps

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