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    Renaissance Themes

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    In five pages this paper discusses various Renaissance themes and also considers the roles played by scientists, artists, merchants, warriors, princes, and dissenters.

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    you would have liked to have been, or not been, or a question that you have always had about this period of history, that you found the answer for in  this paper. Introduction The Renaissance (French for "Rebirth) is known as the period of the individual (1400-1650); in that man was no longer a "cog in the machine" enduring life,  but rather, he viewed himself as a unique person, who could shape the world, as in fact shaped him, with the new knowledge that was now accessible to him.  One of the things, which came with this awareness, was place of function in society. This discussion will examine the roles of Prince, Warrior, Dissenter, Merchant, and Artist. The  Prince/King According to Manchester (1993) "the Prince" may be seen as "the governing force," whether at the actual time of history they were a king or a queen. But  as a governing force for a country, there is an interesting blend of the left-over medieval rights of kings which included such primitive rituals as claiming a bride on the  first night of her marriage, and the "new order" of enlightened rulership of the Renaissance. The governing force of the Renaissance saw his role as one of certain obligations  rather than singular pleasures. He had an obligation to answer grievances, to hear both sides of a story and to reach some type of compromise, which might please both  sides of the conflict. This is not to say that he was always successful at this task, but we see many more rulers making the effort. The Warrior/Knight The  warrior of the past has become "the Knight" of the Renaissance. His knightly code was extremely rule bound concerning his role in society. This included first allegiance to 

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