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Economic History (Page 4)
-last page in this sub-section
Making the US More Competitive In The 90’s : An 11
page paper containing 3 proposed courses of action for
making the US more economically competitive, written
from the view of 1989. While overwhelmed with our own
internal economic and employment problems, there has been
much too little attention paid to the economic changes
around the world. Some of the first, and ongoing, steps we
need to take is to increase worker productivity, bring our
public education in line with that of world leaders, and
greatly increase the quality of the goods manufactured in the
US. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Eco1990s.wps

The Bull Market Of The 1990s : A 5 page paper illustrating
that the stock market of recent years has indeed been a bull
one. It seems the entire country has been in awe of the
performance of the stock market in recent years, and there is
talk among economists that the old and classic model of the
business cycle might well be obsolete, that “bust” does not
always follow “boom.” Whether that speculation will prove
to be valid or not, the US economy has experienced several
straight years of slow and steady growth, with advances in
economic indicators each year. The trend toward
globalization reduces business’ risk in any given
geographical location, and businesses are operating in a
more fiscally sound manner than in any other recent time.
The factors that have contributed to the long-standing bull
market are still in place. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Economic Conditions in 1990 & 1996: A 9 page paper
comparing the economy of 1990 with that of 1996. The
recession of 1990-1991 was a particularly distressing one,
and consumer confidence did not readily return at the end of
the recession. In fact, consumer confidence did not cease
falling until nearly a year after the end of the recession. By
1996, consumer confidence appeared to be stable, but they
still had not returned to their prior spending habits. Closer
examination reveals that while unemployment and inflation
were low, real disposable income had failed to keep up with
costs. Consumers were spending less than before 1990
simply because there was less to spend. Bibliography lists 6
sources. E9096.wps

The U.S. Economy During The Nineties : A variety of
economic indicators are reviewed in this 5 page overview
that looks at the years between 1990 and 1998. A look at
the past explains how the nineties economy came to be and,
more importantly, how the various indicators are used to
assess its health. Bibliography lists 8 sources. 90econ.wps

U.S. Working Class Conditions 1990-1995 : A 10 page
examination of the working class in the United States
between 1990 and 1995. Examines wage trends and worker
demographics and discriminations. Bibliography lists 9
sources. Uswork.wps

Economic Development in the Developed World : This 5
page report discusses what economic development actually
is and how it is achieved, as well as how those steps
contribute to the overall developmental process.
Bibliography lists 6 sources. Ecodevo.wps

Improving Economic Competitiveness : An 8 page paper
discussing three pre-1990 propositions for enabling the U.S.
to effectively compete economically on the world stage.
These three propositions are conversion to the metric
system, support of common currency, and trade dumping
laws. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Econcomp.wps

Will US Prosperity Continue? : A 7 page paper asking this
same question that economists ask. In the fourth quarter of
1997, rumors are circulating that perhaps the classic
business cycle is an obsolete model, that globalization has
had such an impact that the old model is no longer relevant.
It is true that the US economy is in the longest period of
expansion of the century. The question is whether it will
continue or whether it will come to an abrupt and
devastating halt within the next two or three years.
Bibliography lists 9 sources. Prosper.wps

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