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African-American Studies Research Papers

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African-Americans & The Arts / Papers (page 1)
African-American Art & Apartheid : A 5 page paper that
considers the impacts of African American art and artists on
the transition from Apartheid rule and suggest that the
prevellence of compassionate correlations made in
American art have underscored the imperative of black
artists in South Africa. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Cultural Expression In African American Art : A 4 page
paper on the use of art to express the African American
struggles (everyday and over the centuries), successes, and
the search for identity and empowerment. Two artists
highlighted are: Jason Miccolo Johnson and John Biggers,
noting their past and contributing contributions to the culture
of African American expression. The paper also relies on
quotes from literary and other Black artists to express not
only the daily struggle for survival and recognition for
African Americans, but the struggle of Black artists in the
art world itself. Art.doc

African-American Influences On Art & Music : A 5 page
research paper on African-American contributions to
American culture. The writer demonstrates how
African-American culture ha influenced art and music in
America since its earliest beginnings and emphasizes the
contributions made by the artists of the Harlem
Renaissance. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Afart.wps

Contributions Of African-Americans To Music & Art :
A 5 page research paper which examines the multiple
contributions of black Americans beginning in the colonial
period and giving a brief overview to the present. The
writer’s covers such topics as the Harlem Renaissance,
African-American contributions to music (Joplin, Coltrane,
etc.), and the works of contemporary novelist Toni
Morrison. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Afamart.wps

The Birth Of Blues Music : A 10 page research paper which
examines the origins of the blues and how this musical
medium grew out of African-American culture as an
expression of protest against the society which suppressed
them. The writer covers such topics as the history of the
blues, as well as spotlighting African-American artists
whose works were instrumental in forming the blues as we
know it today. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Bluebirt.wps

The Trope Of Jazz / Blues In Black Literature & Poetry :
A 15 page research paper which explores the profound
connection between blues and jazz and African-American
literature and poetry. The writer relates how music was the
only source of creativity allowed blacks during the slave
era, and how this caused a rich musical heritage to be
developed which has carried over into works of such writers
as Langston Hughes and Toni Morrison. The “Coltrane
poems,” which were inspired by the work of the great jazz
musician, John Coltrane, are also explored. Bibliography
lists 10 sources. Litpoet.wps

Modernism In African-American Poetry : A 5 page analysis
and research paper which examines three representative
poems from leaders of the Harlem Renaissance to illustrate
the principle of modernism in black poetry. These poems
are: “Mulatto” by Langston Hughes; “Incident” by Countee
Cullen; and “He was a man” by Sterling Brown. The writer
first discusses what experts have said regarding the
definition of modernism and then examines how these
statements can be applied to each poem. Bibliography lists 6
sources. 3bpoets.wps

Langston Hughes’ “Mulatto” / The Distortion Of
Modernism :
An 8 page paper discussing this important play
by Langston Hughes. It shows why the white community
saw the play in a distorted way; they were looking through
the lens of modernism for reflections of their own dilemmas.
Bibliography lists 7 sources. Mulatto.wps

Langston Hughes’ “Salvation” / Disillusionment : A 5 page
paper on a short essay by this well-known twentieth century
writer. The paper shows how the conflict between
Langston’s expectations of what would happen at the revival
meeting and his aunt’s expectations for him caused his
ultimate disillusionment. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Langston Hughes : A 5 page discussion of three poems
written by Langston Hughes. The poems are “Dream
Deferred” (also known as “Harlem”), “The Negro Speaks
of Rivers,” and “Island.” In discussing these poems the
paper illustrates the realities that they all share, which is
essentially the notion of dreams and harsh realities that kill
those dreams, in relationship to the African American race.
They are also all dreams that inherently speak of strength in
the face of those harsh realities. No additional sources cited.

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