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Papers On Professional Athletes - Life and
Works (Page 1)

Babe Ruth’s Story Encapsulated : This 5 page review of a
1994 U.S. News & World Report article on Babe Ruth looks at
the information given on the baseball great but also discusses
how many neglect some of the Babe’s long-term contributions
to the game. Baberuth.wps

Jackie Robinson & The Color Barrier : A 4 page
biography/report on the life and accomplishments of Jackie
Robinson-- the American baseball player known for "breaking
the color barrier" and becoming the first Black player to gain
widespread acceptance playing for a Major League team.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Jckrbnsn.wps

Jackie Robinson’s Enduring Legacy : An 11 paper on
baseball’s first enduring black player. Robinson joined the
Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 amid a raft of controversy, but
managed to pull “Dem Bums,” perpetual losers into the 1947
World Series by doing things that won him the title of 1947
Rookie of the Year. Always outspoken on racial issues, he
maintained his promise of 2 years’ worth of no visible reaction
to the verbal abuse all involved, including him, knew he would
suffer. After that, it was no holds barred while he meanwhile
gathered award after award. He committed a lifetime to civil
rights work, using baseball as a stage from which to speak.
Bibliography lists 20 sources. Jackier.wps

Jackie Robinson’s Social Contributions : An 8 page paper
discussing the social effect felt by Jackie Robinson’s addition
to the Dodgers. He suffered incredible verbal abuse and even
threats of death, yet continued with his mission. He
summarized the source of his drive in his last book: “I cannot,
as an individual, rejoice in the good things I have been
permitted to work for and learn while the humblest of my
brothers is down in a deep hole hollering for help and not being
heard. That is why I have devoted and dedicated my life to
service.” Jackie Robinson did more perhaps than any other
black man in breaking color barriers. Without discounting the
contributions of other civil rights workers, Jackie Robinson
became a master of breaking the white man’s rules yet
remaining within those same rules. Bibliography lists 9
sources. JackieRo.wps

Jackie Robinson’s Legacy / Review Of Tygel’s “Baseball’s
Great Experiment”:
5 pages in which the author discusses
this particular book and how the great baseball player Jackie
Robinson broke the color barrier between Black and Whites on
the playing field and in society. Jrlegacy.wps

Jackie Robinson & Other Baseball Legends : This 5 page
paper discusses the difficulties, adjustments, successes, and
failures of Jackie Robinson, Larry Doby, Don Newcombe, Roy
Campenella, and Satchel Paige. Jackier.wps

Jackie Robinson / Film vs. Book : In this 5 page paper, the
writer is concerned with the historical accuracy of film &
written accounts of the Jackie Robinson legend.
The movie [“Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars”] is compared
with the book "Baseball's Great Experiment: --Jackie Robinson
and His Legacy." Bingolong.wps

Joe DiMaggio / Man Or Legend ? : A 12 page paper that
considers the portrayal of Joe DiMaggio in the biographies
developed by Maury Allen (Where Have You Gone, Joe
DiMaggio) and Jack Moore (Joe DiMaggio) and demonstrates
the elements that underscored DiMaggio's developments as a
legendary figure. Dimagioj.wps

Michael Jordan / Cultural Hero : A 7 page discussion of
how, in the context of his career, accomplishments, etc;--
basketball player Michael Jordan serves as a persuasive
communicator and role model to the African-American
community. Many insightful examples are offered.
Bibliography lists 8 sources. Michaelj.wps

Michael Jordan - Is He A Hero? : A 5 page synopsis of the
1992 biography of Michael Jordan by Sam Smith. The writer
demonstrates that while Smith’s biography shows a negative
side to Jordan’s character not seen by his adoring public,
debunking the Jordan mystique was not Smith’s intention.
Smith succeeds in presenting Jordan, not as a godlike superstar,
but rather it offers a picture of Michael Jordan as an ordinary
person-flawed, moody, gifted and human. Mikejord.wps

Playing For Money / NBA Basketball Players & Personal
Greed :
This 5 page essay discusses professional athletes,
particularly basketball players and their attitudes of selfishness
and greed. The writer also discusses how superstar athletes
may be nothing more than a mirror of the society that created
them. Yet, despite it all, professional sports are still a passion
in the U.S. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Basketga.wps

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